Suffolk Strength Academy is a gym based in Ipswich specialising in small-group personal training. Their key goal was to increase customer enquiries for their 30-day trial through a new website as well as having a single digital platform that they could link to from social media channels.

The existing solution was three separate web pages which had been built at different stages for different reasons. One was a general page representing the gym, another contained member stories and a third advertised the 30-day trials. Each web site had a different style and domain.

The new website had to replace these three current sites as well as modernise the brand style which not been utilised with any continuity. As there were no brand guidelines I began by extracting the key colours and fonts from the company logo – these would help to make the site feel like it belonged to the identity.

With the 30-day trial page the main focal point of the site, a Get Started link at the top of the main navigation is designed to lead the user directly to the trial page. Results and Contact pages complete a minimal menu with all other navigation links located at the foot of the page.

Each page also contains a contact form at its footer which are individually tagged so as to communicate page data to the clients CRM software helping to shape further site changes.

Member stories were brought into the results page and are presented in videos. The impact of video member testimonials was deemed far more effective than asking users to read transcripts.

The finished site unifies Suffolk Strength Academy under a new brand style and has already led to an increase in new enquiries as well as highly positive feedback from members.