Creative Crowd was the result of a group assignment while studying the Digital Marketing and Leadership Course from Squared Online. The assignment tasked us with creating a disruptive company and value proposition to challenge a chosen industry. Creative Crowd is an online platform connecting vendors offering art services to customers.

As the sole designer in the group, I took creative control of the Creative Crowd brand designing an identity which would convey this modern approach to art services.

The concept behind the identity evolved from two clear objects; the pencil and the lightbulb. The pencil represents the craft or service while the lightbulb represents creativity and ideas. Both ability and ideas are required to provide effective creative solutions.

The final icon marries the two with a pastel colour palette and off black sans-serif typeface. The intention was to create a modern, professional feel to the brand while also retaining a sense of fun.

The overall brand identity is strong, flexible and easily reproduced across a variety of media. It can exist in one colour and is clear in a variety of sizes which opens up many opportunities for future merchandise and packaging adoption.