Concept learning is an e-learning website built on the Totara LMS platform. The site was initially developed by an outside company to an adapted out of the box theme.

Totara is a powerful platform but it became apparent over years of user testing that many of the features were going unused and cluttering the user interface. A need for restructuring of the site became apparent and gave me a good opportunity to dive into the UX design of the platform.

At the discovery phase, I realised a need to utilise a new form of working. The approach began by defining the site menu structure, stripping back many of the unused elements and concentrating on providing a clear interface. Once the structure of the menu was in place I could better understand just how simple the user experience could become – much of the navigation in the vanilla Totara build is repeated across several areas and by refining the navigation the user could better understand the structure of the learning platform.

Once the reduced site map was defined the layouts were initially developed in Sketch. By creating black and white basic UX design wireframes we were afforded a much more flexible approach to the design. The importance of this stage is that it allows for quick, agile changes to be made with little time wasted.

Once the wireframes were agreed upon, they were populated with real content taken from the current site. This stage allows me to better visualise how the content will fit the elements, especially when applying across devices. This stage also aids me in better presenting the designs to the development team.

The site is now a much more streamlined and user-friendly platform. The navigation has been stripped back and located in a hidden menu which allows the user to concentrate on the learning materials.

All of the statistical analysis is brought together on the main dashboard page which acts as a hub leading to each important content area. This is a stark change from the multi-access approach initially in place. By funnelling the user through the dashboard we encourage them to simplify the journey and keep up with their current progress.